Treat Your Feet to Bunion Relief

Treat Your Feet to Bunion ReliefI’ve come across an exciting solution for people with a bunion deformity searching for bunion relief without surgery as well as patients seeking help with their bunion surgery recovery.

Jennifer Adolfs, a specialist for 13 years, has helped improve the lives of many people suffering from common pains in the feet such as a bunion deformity as well as working out her own bunion deformity and wrote the all encompassing foot ebook Treat Your Feet.

According to Jennifer, after 7 years of specifically utilizing the techniques (including exercises for bunion relief) described in Treat Your Feet, she has seen amazing first hand results, from people just like yourself who suffer from a bunion deformity, in foot strength, flexibility, balance, and normal functional use.

Additionally, after reviewing Treat Your Feet, if you have any questions regarding bunion relief, exercises, or techniques described in Treat Your Feet, Jennifer will accept your inquiries via the form on her site and be delighted to coach you through difficulties you might be facing.

Do any of these bunion deformity symptoms sound familiar to you?

  • common pains in the feet
  • weakness in the feet
  • lack of range of motion in the feet
  • loss of balance

Jennifer’s exercises and techniques for bunion relief do not require a special machine or piece of equipment, however she does show you a few pieces of equipment that you might help you achieve optimal bunion relief. Jennifer has taken into account that you will be looking to perform these bunion relief exercises in your home with whatever is available to you.

If you have a bunion deformity, there is one important thing you need to know…

You are not alone…

Statistics show around 70% of Americans suffer from common pains in the foot and 30% of Americans specifically suffer from a bunion deformity.

Here are a few sneak peeks of what’s inside Jennifer’s all encompassing foot ebook:

  • Some little known stats and facts about our feet; why they hurt and how we can keep them happy and healthy.
  • Common foot injuries or conditions, such as a bunion deformity, that develop from overuse, under-use, and just normal wear and tear as we are on our feet all day long.
  • Pictures and detailed descriptions of how to properly stretch, massage, and strengthen your feet, both with and without special props.

Benefits you won’t get anywhere else:

  1. Stretching exercises specific to the foot and lower leg.
  2. Strengthening exercises specific to the foot, lower leg, and ankle.
  3. Balance exercises specific to Aging feet and ankles.
  4. Great Pictures and detailed descriptions of every exercise!
  5. Free coaching and advice through the contact form her website!

Be sure to check out Treat Your Feet and come back here to post your comments about it. I’d love to hear your feedback on how it has helped you achieve bunion relief from your bunion deformity.

Best of Luck,


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2 Responses to Treat Your Feet to Bunion Relief

  1. Sarah September 2, 2011 at 3:13 pm #

    Thanks you for this bunion relief information. I’ve been looking for something like this because I just don’t trust the doctors that are trying to get me to pay for an expensive surgery. I hope Jennifer’s info can help me. I’m ordering now.

    Thanks again for this informative site and good luck to everyone out there with a bunion deformity!



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